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A Core Member is an individual who sees the value in coming together. Core Members want to spend their money within the community to enable our businesses to thrive. They support the OFC by going to events, patronizing stores, and using the OFC cottage — essentially, core members are the lifeline of the OFC.

The benefits of being an OFC Core Member include all the benefits of being a Student Member, along with these additional benefits:

  • Free financial planning advice from our in-house financial planner
  • Opportunity to invest with the Community Keepers Savings and Investment Group —the OFC’s official investment group
  • Access to business or personal counselling support
  • Access to legal representation* and advice (Legal representation service costs at the discretion of legal service providers)
  • Job placement support in the form of reference letters and referrals
  • Free educational materials for children and access to OFC Homeschooling (Legacy Center of Higher Learning is the OFC’s Homeschooling network. They provide resources and materials as well as organize group outings for those who wish to homeschool their children)
  • Access to short term personal loans (In order to receive a loan, you must be a member for at least a year. Loans are issued through Capital Plus. Interest rates and additional charges apply)

Core Member  $108.00 For the year or $10.00/Month


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